Senior Backend Developer

Job description

We are looking for a professional with a strong understanding and knowledge about developing high available, high scalable services using the .Net Framework.



Develop tier coding, business layer coding, interface development, service development, creation of stored procedures, etc. as applicable for the work package / project 

Develop SOA layer deployed on Azure / private cloud / on-premise 

Develop services integrated with enterprise cache and load balancer

Understand the database concepts and write efficient queries/procedure 

Raise clarifications / issues / concerns regarding work output to the lead 

Seek review from peer / technical lead periodically 

Participate in setup activities for required environment setup 

Deploy code build in testing environment


Overall 5+ years of experience in .Net technologies 
Experience in developing service and data layer both on premise and on Azure services
Proficient in WCF implementations with strong understanding of OOP and design patterns
Hands on experience in design and implementation of de-coupled, performant complex service layer application; business layer using WCF services; business layer exposed on Azure as RESTful services and data layer in SQL server
Ability to work with Business Analysts and client teams to understand the business, technical capabilities to transform and deliver them in to the technical documentation/implementation
Ability to work with client and offshore teams in delivering the industry standard application