Middle QA Engineer

Job description

What is our project?

We are working on a desktop application that provides a full cycle of freight, ranging from registering the goods in the system and ending with the organization of payment, issuance of payment documents.

The main version of the product is a desktop application that is complex in business logic, which includes many of the necessary functions for the user: cargo tracking, carrier search and assignment, cost calculation, preparation of documents, time-tracking, etc. There are several customized versions of the product for different countries, with their own characteristics of cargo transportation in this region, differences in payment transactions and many other points. In development is the next version that requires the addition of new functionality.

There is also a web-version of the product, but with a reduced amount of functionality.

What is our goal?

Every minute in the world hundreds of cargoes are transported from various destinations all over the world, therefore the clarity, reliability and security of the entire logistics process depend on the result of our development. That is why our team is successfully working on the quality of the product and its improvement, adaptability for different locations and markets.

Our team has 2 developers (and 3 more from the client), 5 testers (4 manual, 1 automation), 1 PM

Customer location: Medford, USA

What will you need to do?

Participate in the manual testing of the product, create test cases, directly communicate with the business analyst from the customer and finalize the requirements for new tasks, identify inconsistencies, participate in the writing of user stories, participate in writing the project documentation.


Our candidate:

• Has the experience of manual testing for at least 1-1.5 years

• Good knowledge of software testing theory

• Able to develop test documentation - test plans, test cases

• Able to analyze requirements

• Familiar with the basics of test automation (knowledge of JavaScript is welcome, but not required)

• Can work in a team 

• Seeks to develop

English is required at the Intermediate level.