Middle .Net Developer

Job description

About the Client and the Project:

The Client develops and sells specialized software for Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Mapping Professionals, Police Officers and Accident Reconstruction Specialists. He presents on the market more than 30 years.

This is a mobile application for geodetic measurements. Standalone application on the device.

This mobile application allows you to post-process the results of geodetic surveys. There are devices from which this survey is made, then data/information/records is transmitted to the smartphone, and additional processing can be performed in the smartphone.
Initially, the equipment that makes the measurements, worked together with a PDA on Windows Phone. 
Now the task is to switch from Windows Phone to a cross-platform solution. 
It will be based on Android platform (Xamarin).




Development of business logic, unit tests and database. Desire to work on front-end tasks (simple UI) using Xamarin.




  • .NET Platform (Framework or Core or Mono) and C# 6.0 knowledge   
  • MVVM Pattern, Data binding, Repository, Multi-layer application design principles
  • Unit testing and TDD. (Yes, it is required)
  • Basic trigonometry knowledge.
  • ORM and SQL understanding

Nice to have:

  • Xamarin Forms or WPF development experience
  • DDD, SOLID, Design patterns
  • Experience with SQLite.Net  
  • Experience with MapsUI, BruTile, geodesic projection understanding